T-5 T-10 BorgWarner T-45 Tremec Ford Standard and Transfer case speedometer driven gear. We have the most Ford Speedometer Gear choices.

These Ford Standard Speedometer driven gear are for T-5, T-10, BorgWarner, T-45, Tremec, and Ford Transfer cases. 

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Ford Standard and transfer case speedometer driven gear.

Ford Standard transmission and Transfer case speedometer driven gear.

20 tooth Ford speedometer gearCost $7.19-$8.1116 tooth Ford speedometer gear

Ford Speedometer Gear
From$7.19 to $8.11 In stock. We ship 6 DAYS a week!
Product description: Ford Speedometer gear. We have many other Speedometer gears available please check out our site
Ford Standard Transmission and Transfer case Speedometer Driven gears
16-21 tooth driven gears
16 Tooth 16 tooth driven speedometer gear
17 Tooth 17 tooth driven speedometer gear
18 Tooth 18 tooth driven speedometer gear
19 Tooth 19 tooth driven speedometer gear
20 Tooth 20 tooth driven speedometer gear
21 Tooth 21 tooth driven speedometer gear
16-21 tooth-Select one

Ford Driven Gear clip retainer

Ford Driven gear clip c1dz-17292-a

Cost $4.00

Ford Drive speedometer gears for standards and transfer case. Fits 1.375" OD output shafts that is retained by a ball and snap ring or the flat spring clip. Our Ford Drive gears will service both types.

Cost $12.00. We offer the Green 6 tooth, Yellow 7 tooth, and Brown 8 tooth Ford speedometer drive gears. D0TZ-17285-A, C8OZ-17285-B, E0TZ-17285-B, E3TZ-17285-C, E7TZ-17285-B

Select tooth count

Ford Drive Gear for tail mounted Drum Parking Brake type Transmissions.

This gear is green and has 6 teeth. Its outside diameter is 2.860".

Cost $53.01

6 tooth Ford drive gear e8tz-2n598-a parking brake type6 tooth Ford drive gear e8tz-2n598-a parking brake type

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Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler Speedometer gears

700R4,TH400, NP208 and GM BOP type TH350 speedometer driven gears

700R4 and GM BOP type TH350 speedometer drive gears

700R4 speedometer gear housing fits TH350 BOP type

TH350 Type Speedometer drive gears

Ford Standard transmission and Transfer case speedometer driven gear.

Ford Automatic transmission speedometer driven gear.

Ford Top Loader Standard transmission speedometer driven gear.

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